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The are three main hedge trimmers, electric, cordless battery-powered and petrol hedge trimmers, each of which will suit the needs of different users. A hedge trimmer, bush trimmer or shrub trimmer are gardening tools used for cutting, pruning and trimming all hedges and bushes. 
The electric hedge trimmer works by using the electrical current provided by either the mains connection or battery, to power the motor, which provides the oscillations which the blades need. Whilst you will find that the Electric motors are less powerful than gas you will find that they are much quieter. 
If you are looking for a more powerful hedge trimmer then a cordless gas- powered hedge trimmer would probably be a lot better. They are more capable of cutting through thicker branches than the electric hedge trimmers.  
Overall, gas powered hedge trimmers are a lot better for those larger jobs. 
The Petrol Hedge trimmers are mainly used by professional gardeners and landscapers as they are more powerful and have longer blades with larger blade gaps which allows the user to cut twigs with a 30 millimeter diameter. They are also extremely fuel efficient and they can be used all day every day up to 5 days a week. 


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